How Facial Muscle Exercises Keep Your Skin Looking Younger

Dermatological and other surgical procedures are quicker ways of ridding you of aging signs, but are also the easiest. However these procedures can be expensive and painful. Facial exercises are fun and safe ways of toning facial muscles and making you look younger with very minimal risks as compared to cosmetic surgery. These facial exercises help tone facial muscles and with that improving your skin's tightness.

Facial exercises should be done at least once a day.  By including them in your daily routine will you start noticing results in about a month's time. Below are some examples of facial exercises.

Cheek Exercises

This kind of exercise is also the cheek developer, and you can just do it by placing your fingers on your cheeks. You then smile wide without moving your lips from your teeth, hold this for about 5 seconds before relaxing. When doing this, you will feel your cheek muscles working below your fingers, and it is this exercise that will develop the facial muscles. Try doing this at least 35 times a day and watch for results.

Double Chin Exercises

This is a tongue exercise, very easy to do and can be done anywhere. In doing this, all you need to do is close your mouth and roll your tongue backwards. Push the tongue backwards as hard as you can and try holding for 30 seconds. When you do this, try to relax the rest of your face especially your eyes and forehead.

Crow Feet Exercises

This easy to do exercise helps in getting rid of crow's feet around your eyes. It does this by toning those muscles that surround the eyes. This you can do by placing your fingers on the outer end of your eyes and blinking rapidly for up to 60 times. With each blink you should feel your fingers inwards together with your muscles. The resistance is what helps in toning muscles around the eyes. It's recommended that you do this daily.

Know that facial exercises that help keep your skin looking younger do not yield results right away. Patience and persistence are vital in you achieving success and one will have to follow them. You can exercise your face in the same way you would do for your body, and you'll most certain shed off a couples of years in the appearance of your skin. In addition to the above discussed benefits, these exercises are painless and absolutely free.

Doing these exercises will definitely go a long way in keeping you younger and at the same time improving your health and looks.  Be consistent and you'll be amazed by the results.