7 Best Anti Wrinkle Cream Ingredients for Removing Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Remove Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Looking for anti wrinkle creams for removing fine lines and wrinkles? You have to exhaust all possible efforts to be able to find one that suits your skin’s needs. You can only do that by reading through the label of this anti wrinkle treatment. Part of that is taking a look at the components that form part of the bottle.

Best Ingredients in Anti Wrinkle Creams

While choosing the best anti wrinkle cream, you must look at its ingredients. The key components of an effective wrinkle reducer cream are antioxidants, moisturizers and collagen, and sunscreen. There are a lot of elements that represent these key components. Let us look at the best ingredients that must be present in your wrinkle cream.


Be sure that your anti wrinkle cream has sunscreen which is at least SPF 15. This shields the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. UV rays are known to age the skin causing to lose its moisture and become dry. As a result, there will be formation of wrinkles. Sunscreen can prevent that from happening.


This ingredient is present in almost every low cost but effective anti wrinkle cream. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and it is considered an antioxidant. This ingredient is responsible for smoothing fine lines. In addition to this, retinol wrinkle cream prevents fine lines and wrinkles by reducing the damaging effects of free radicals in skin cells.

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Copper Peptides

This ingredient is known to facilitate the production of collagen which fills up and plumps the skin underneath the wrinkles and removes fine lines and wrinkles. Copper peptides cream promote skin elasticity and help maintain a youthful glow. In addition to that, this component assists in wound healing and stimulates the function of antioxidants in an anti wrinkle cream.

Hydroxy Acids

This ingredient comes from sugar in fruits. Hydroxy acids exfoliate the skin by removing the dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new skin cells. You should use a sunscreen when dealing with hydroxyl acids because it predisposes the skin to sun damage.

Coenzyme Q10

This wrinkle cream ingredient stimulates the energy production in skin cells. Coenzyme Q10 focuses on reducing wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. In addition to that, it prevents skin damage caused by the sun’s rays.

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Tea Extracts

This ingredient is one of the newest additions to most anti wrinkle creams. Tea extracts are high in antioxidants which improve skin’s elasticity and promote radiant skin. This ingredient fights free radicals and prevents skin damage and aging. Most wrinkle creams uses green tea in their formula but black tea and oolong tea are also effective tea extracts.


The best anti wrinkle cream should have vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin A act as an antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals and preventing them from aging and damaging the skin. Vitamin C heals damaged skin and stimulates the production of collagen. Vitamin E assists the skin in repairing itself and protects it from harmful bacteria. In addition to that, vitamin E provides the skin with a moisture barrier which prevents it from becoming dry thus avoiding the formation of wrinkles. When vitamins C and E are combined, it will remove wrinkles effectively.

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Your anti wrinkle cream does not necessarily need to have all of these ingredients. The important thing is it should be able to protect your skin from UV rays, moisturize your skin, fight free radicals and increase the production of collagen. If these things are present in your anti wrinkle cream, then you are sure to be satisfied with your product.

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