How to Get Lighter Skin: Best Skin Whitening Remedies And Face Masks to Get Fair Skin on Face Naturally

How to Make your Skin Lighter

How to get a lighter skin tone for black people? There are many kinds of skin whitening remedies that you can make at home. While there are different kinds of skin care products that are sold in the market to get lighter skin on face, there are also ingredients in those fair skin products that can cause irritation and allergies. It is therefore important to learn how to make your own skin whitening remedies at home so you can avoid harmful side effects that come with the use of artificial products for skin lightening.

Get Fair Skin on Face Naturally - Best Remedies and Facial Maks for Skin Whitening

There are several effective home remedies to make your skin lighter. The following are the most popular lighter skin home remedies and face masks that are easy to make at home to get fair skin on face.

How to Get Lighter Skin Naturally- Skin Whitening Remedy using Almond Paste

If you have almonds at home, you can soak these in a bowl of water overnight. Peel the almonds in the morning and grind into a paste. Add two teaspoons of honey to the ground almonds; place this in a container with cover. You can use this as a facial scrub to exfoliate skin. Use the mixture everyday as you would a facial wash or an exfoliant. Be sure to rinse your face completely and pat dry with a clean towel.

Get Fair Skin Tone- Gram Flour Face Mask for Fair Skin

Gram flour may be used to make a face mask as an effective skin whitening remedy. Mix 2 tablespoons of gram flour with, add a pinch of turmeric to the flour and several drops of lemon juice. Make the mixture into a paste and place in a covered container. Apply this skin lightening face mask directly on clean skin and scrub it off after several minutes. You can apply this gram flour fair skin mask all over the body, especially in dark areas of the skin like the elbows, knees and the armpits.

Face Mask to Get Lighter Skin - Orange Peels Remedy for Skin Whitening

Orange peels still contain significant amounts of vitamins and minerals; instead of throwing them out, you can make them into skin whitening remedies. Dry the orange peels under the sun and when the peels are completely dried grind them into powder using a blender or a food processor. Add milk to make a paste. Place the mixture in a covered container and after cleaning skin thoroughly apply on your face. Allow the skin lightening face mask to dry and then rinse completely with lukewarm water. This will help to make your skin lighter. You can repeat this skin care regimen to make skin whiter every day.

Get Fair Skin Tone -Lemon Juice Face Mask for Natural Skin Whitening

Does lemon make your skin lighter? Yes, lightening your skin with lemon juice does work.  Cut a lemon into two halves and buff it gently onto your face and neck to get lighter skin. Another home remedy for fair skin is to squeeze fresh lemon juice from one or two lemons; add a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Mix well and apply this face mask on your facial skin. Rinse completely after 30 minutes. Regular application of skin lightening face mask help to make skin lighter fast.

Home Remedies for Lighter Skin - Oatmeal Remedy to Whiten Skin on Face

Oatmeal can rejuvenate skin to make it whiter and glowing. The rough texture of oats makes a good exfoliant when combined with yogurt or tomato juice. Mix them together to form a paste and apply onto clean skin. Allow the face mask to harden, this allow the folds of the skin to remove trapped dirt and oils; after 30 minutes, wipe off and rinse. This is best for fair skin complexion. You can do this skin lightening home remedy every weekend; it’s just like getting a spa facial treatment.

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