Facial Exercises to Prevent Wrinkles Around Eyes Mouth Forehead Lips

Eye wrinkles are the first wrinkles that appear on your face; but you can halt or slow their appearance through facial exercises that tone and strengthen the eye muscles.

Crow's feet around your eyes or lines around your mouth or puffy bags under your eyes can be reduced through these exercises. These exercises will not take up a large portion of your daily routine; and it will also save you the money you would otherwise spend on surgery or injection! But before you start these exercises to reduce wrinkles around eyes, check with you doctor.

Exercises for eyes: The website, Ageless has some excellent suggestions on how to perform facial exercises that will reduce wrinkles around eyes, along with those on foreheads. For a month, do it daily and then make that three times a week. The steps are very simple; first push two fingers against your temple making sure that the skin is tautly stretched. Now open and close your eyes in quick succession. Do it minimum five times a day and see the difference within months.

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Another exercise that will help to reduce wrinkles around eyes involving sitting in an upright position with your head held rigidly. Now look straight and then up and down. Do it for 10 times. Then switch to looking left and right and do that 10 times as well. Make sure your head is rigid during all these times.

Exercises for mouth and lips: It is not enough to get rid of the wrinkles around eyes; you also have to get read of those around your cheeks and jaw line. There are exercises for your mouth that will keep the facial muscles in this region firm and tout. To do this, first stand in front of a mirror. Press the teeth and lips together and keep a smile on for 10 sec. This will highly reduce the wrinkles around your mouth and tone the muscles there.

Another exercise involves tilting your head and looking upward towards the ceiling while puckering up your lips as if you are going to kiss someone! You can feel your neck and jaw muscles move and tighten as you pucker your mouth while pushing your lips upwards. Another great exercise that will help in removing wrinkles mouth is by saying your vowels --- A, E, I, O, U in various phonetic format. One more exercise that will work wonder includes putting your index finger between your lips and then slowly taking it out as you tighten your lips till you feel it burn. Of course, you must clean your hand before doing this exercise!

Exercise for Forehead: As you remove wrinkles around eyes, don't forget those on your forehead. Open you eyes as wide as possible and then pull the eyebrows up to their maximum limit. You will also be surprised to know that frowning will also exercise your facial muscles and reduce wrinkles. Five times is enough for both these exercises.

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