3 Exercises to Flatten Your Tummy and Tighten Your Abs at Home

If you want to have some simple home exercises to tighten your abs and flatten your tummy, I'm glad you came to this article. The following exercises can help you to achieve excellent results without having to go past your front door, not to mention having to go to a gym or buy an expensive ab workout machine.

Do these exercises and you should see your tummy flatten out. Don't do them and you may find yourself still struggling with those extra inches a year or more from now.

Exercise #1 - Reverse crunch

An excellent way to train your lower abs is by doing reverse crunches. All you need is a mat or a rug to lie on and be comfortable. Keep your head on the floor and your arms stretched at your sides. Bend your knees and lift your legs in the air.

By clenching your abdominal muscles, bring both knees in the direction of your chest. The movement should be quick but not overly so. Make sure to not lift your lower back from the floor although you can life your butt a bit. Return to the starting position slowly without creating an arc in your lower back and make sure to keep both legs in the air for the duration of the set.

Exercise #2 - Stomach vacuum

This is probably the most overlooked tummy flattening exercise that you can do at home. The stomach vacuum can be done when you're sitting, standing, kneeling, practically everywhere. All you basically need to do is to suck in your stomach as far as you can while bringing your chest outward. This clenches your ab muscles and can help strengthen them enough for they appear more toned and your tummy gets flatter.

The stomach vacuum is an awesome exercise that you should do while watching TV. Get used to doing it on a regular basis.

Exercise #3 - Hip thrusts

Lie on the floor and bring both legs straight up in the air so that they're at a 90 degree angle to the floor. Keep both arms stretches at your sides with your palms beneath the outer edge your butt cheeks. By clenching your abs, lift your butt and both legs straight up in the air. As they go down, feel your hands beginning to be touched by your butt and thrust up again. This is an excellent exercise that works the lower abs.

You should also remember that you must also eat properly to burn belly fat and tighten your abs. If you do these exercises too, you shall have faster results.

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