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9 Best Natural Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles

While some things become better with age, our skin is generally not one of them. Each year a new line, a new wrinkle, a new age mark appears causing us to wish we had taken just a little better care of our skin. You can get rid of wrinkles and fine lines using natural methods and home remedies. Natural wrinkle remover method is easiest and safest option to remove wrinkles. See How to get rid of wrinkles naturally at home without surgery or Botox.

Best Natural Ways to Remove Wrinkles

Below are some things we all can do at home to reduce the visible signs of aging such ads wrinkles and sagging skin.

1. Take Vitamins to Get Rid of Wrinkles

The best vitamins for our skin are the B-complex vitamins and the antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E. Ensuring these vitamins are a part of our diet helps to keep our skin young looking and healthy. Foods that contain high levels of B-complex vitamins are proteins such as lean beef, chicken, and eggs. Whole wheat is another excellent source of B-complex vitamins. Sources of antioxidants include foods such as carrot, green leafy vegetables, and fresh fruit.

2. Facial Expression and Wrinkles

Be aware of your facial expressions. Many people find that the first signs of visible aging occur around the eyes and mouth. Try to avoid squinting in the sun, and causing those dreaded crow’s feet, by wearing a good pair of sunglasses when you are outside.

Be careful not to use too many repetitive facial expressions. Repeated and lengthy frowning or smiling accentuate lines in the face and over time, wrinkles will form. Avoid facial exercises as well since the repetitive nature of these exercises can cause wrinkle lines to form.

3. Quit Smoking to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Eliminating premature wrinkles around the eyes and mouth can be as easy as quitting smoking. Dragging on a cigarette causes the mouth to pucker and squinting to avoid smoke in the eyes tends to, over time, break the cells down. This is when eye wrinkles begin to form. Smokers tend to have more wrinkles around their mouth than non-smokers do because smoking robs oxygen from the skin resulting in a less nutrients passing through the skin cells. In addition, several studies have shown that the repeated heat from cigarettes in the mouth can change the structure of the skin’s cells thereby causing deep lines or wrinkles on the face.

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4. Get Enough Sleep to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Certainly, getting enough rest is important to treat and prevent wrinkles, but it is also important to sleep on your back. Sleeping on your stomach or side with your face in a pillow creates pressure on your face that has the potential to cause deep lines as you sleep. You will notice that these sleep lines take longer to disappear the older one gets. This is because, as the skin cells break down from age, permanently etched sleep lines occur on the face

5. Limit Alcohol to Remove Wrinkles

Many of us have felt that we looked a little “puffy” after a night of excessive drinking. Go easy on the alcohol and your skin will thank you. Alcohol, while it is in your system, causes the retention of water and swelling of the cells, temporarily stretching the skin. As it leaves the system, alcohol acts as a diuretic, robbing the skin of its moisture and shrinking the cells causing it to wrinkle. The process of drinking is akin to quickly gaining a lot of weight and then going on a crash diet and losing it quickly.

6. Avoid Hot Water to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Hot water can be harsh on our skin as oils that provide nourishment for our skin cells dissolve and wash away. It is best to wash with cool water and to avoid excessive scrubbing with harsh soaps. Using mild cleanser and moisturizer after bathing will be gentler on your skin and result in fewer wrinkles and lines.

7. Avoid UV Exposure to Prevent Wrinkles

Since it is difficult to avoid the sun, take care to avoid exposing unprotected skin to the sun’s harmful rays. Always use a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 and reapply it often for preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Use a waterproof sunscreen if you will be in and out of the water and remember that, although it is waterproof, it will lose its effectiveness after time in the water so it is important to reapply this type of sunscreen as well.

Remember, the sun does contain certain necessary vitamins that are difficult to attain from sources other than the sun’s rays so some sun is helpful. However, do your skin a favor and avoid exposure when the sun’s rays are the strongest – between 1000 AM and 200 PM and it is best to avoid tanning beds altogether as they are another significant source of harmful UV rays.

8. Apply Moisturizer to Remove Wrinkles

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Start caring for your skin early in life; do not wait until you are in your thirties to begin moisturizing your skin. By then, damage from the cells natural breakdown and the effects of the skins inability to hold onto natural moisture is already occurring. Over a lifetime, one person can use phenomenal amounts of moisturizer. It is not necessary to use an expensive moisturizer all of the time to reduce wrinkles. Even an inexpensive moisturizer, faithfully used, can benefit the skin by using it after every shower or bath.

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9. Proper Hydration to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Drink 8-10 glasses or more of water each day. Our bodies cannot survive without water, an essential element for healthy skin. As the skin ages, the moisture that had been previously held in the layers of the skin that acted to keep it plump and moist is lost because of the layers breaking down and, in turn, being unable to hold onto this needed moisture as they once did. Drinking water helps to counter the loss of moisture and helps to get rid of wrinkles, so it is essential to drink plenty of water. The water functions as a skin hydrator resulting in the appearance of softer, suppler skin. With our cell’s losing their ability to retain water as we age it becomes more important than ever to ensure we are getting our daily requirement of water. Be careful of fluids that can act as a diuretic working to dehydrate the skin such as caffeine and alcohol because the water you work hard to take in is wasted.

These are the best natural wrinkle removal methods that you can follow in order to get rid of wrinkles on face naturally.

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