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How to Get Rid Of Chapped Lips: Home Remedies to Cure Severe Cracked Lips

How to Get Rid Of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips is a condition where lips become very dry causing dry patch on lips, severe cracks, swelling and peeling of the skin over the lips. Severe chapped lips can cause bleeding, which is not only being painful, but can also harm your appearance making you uncomfortable. Dry chapped lips are a very common phenomenon that can occur due to various factors. The main reason that our lips become dry chapped is due to moisture loss. The most common symptoms of cracked lips include flaky skin on the lips along with constant dryness experienced in the area. The best way to treat chapped lips is to restore moisture to them as quickly as possible. There are plenty of home remedies for dry chapped lips to retain moisture and heal them fast. Learn about natural treatments for getting rid of chapped lips.

Chapped Lips Cure - Home Remedies for Dry Cracked Lips

Chapped lips can be unattractive and sometimes painful. It is essential to take a proper care of them in order to prevent cracking. However, nature has plenty of remedies for restoring the moisture and softness to dry cracked lips. Here are some natural cures and home remedies on how to get rid of chapped lips.

1. The dead skin cells can make your lips looking dry flaky, and chapped. Gently exfoliate your chapped, peeling lips with soft toothbrush or cloth piece, and then apply some honey to make them smooth and supple. This chap lips treatment will help you cure chapped lips naturally.

2. Dry cracked lips causes irritation. The best way to treat severe chapped lips is to keep lip balms or moisturizers on hand. Apply oil-based lip balm or lubricating cream to restore and hold moisture to prevent and heal severe cracked lips.

3. Petroleum jelly is one of the effective home remedies to get rid of chapped lips. Massaging petroleum jelly is one of the best chronic chapped lips remedy that works great for soothing extremely dry cracked lips, as they lock the moisture in them.

4. By drinking more water, you can prevent and get rid of chapped lips. If the body is well-hydrated, the dry lip skin will also be moist that will prevent further chapped lips.

5. Deficiency of Vitamin A is also one of the main causes for chapped lips. To heal chapped lips fast, increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamin A. This is the best cure for cracked lips.

6. Another one of the natural remedies for chapped lips is the application of cocoa butter. Apply some cocoa butter every couple of hours. This severe chapped lips treatment will help keep the lips moist and soften.

7. You can also try caster oil as a home remedy for getting rid of severe chapped lips. Applying castor oil lubricates the lip area to prevent cracked and chapped lips.

8. Honey is one of the most effective home remedies to heal cracked lips. Apply honey before going to bed at night to heal the cracks quickly. This natural remedy also prevents bleeding from cracks.

9. This is another of the fastest way to cure chapped lips. Ground rose petals with milk cream. Apply it on the severe chapped lips to get rid of dryness on them fast.

10. Olive oil home remedy can help prevent chapped lips. Applying a thin layer of olive oil daily is a great moisturizer for extremely dry chapped lips. Effective remedy on how to stop cracked lips.

11. Try this home remedy for cracked chapped lips. Put a small amount of aloe vera gel daily on the lips for getting rid of chapped lips. This is another best chapped lips remedy. Aloe vera gel smoothes and moisturizes the affected area.

12. Use cucumber to cure severely chapped lips. Cucumber is cold by nature, and hence helpful to clear away the dryness. Rub cucumber slice on the dry lip skin for getting rid of chapped lips.

13. This is one of the best way to heal cracked lips. Mash a ripe papaya into a paste and apply to the cracked peeling lips. Keep it for 10 minutes and rinse off to reduce lips cracking. This home remedy is best for healing chapped lips. Papaya treatment seals in the moisture and help you in getting rid of severe chapped lips.

Cure chapped lips or cracked lips with these home remedies for cracked lips, and keep them soft and moisturized to prevent it from getting dry. Of the measures of beauty, lips are an essential constituent and hence they deserve special care.

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