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How to Get Rid of Crows Feet and Laugh Lines: 14 Best Home Remedies to Remove Smile Wrinkles Around Eyes

Get Rid of Crow’s Feet Naturally

There are various homemade remedies that can help to get rid of laugh lines and wrinkles around eyes. Try the following natural wrinkles treatments and homemade remedies to remove smile lines around eyes effectively.

Crow’s feet (laugh lines, smile lines, or character lines) are one of the inevitable byproducts of aging. Crow’s feet are small eye wrinkles radiating outward from the outer corner of the eye. These eye wrinkles are named as crow’s feet because they resemble the little bird’s footprints. The main factors for increasing crow’s feet on your face are age, smiling, and squinting. Crows feet become more obvious whenever we laugh or smile as the muscle pulls the skin upwards, leaving deeper lines around the eyes. Laugh lines around eyes can add years to anyone’s face. If you tired of having smile lines, there are many eye wrinkle creams and applications that are sold to remove laugh lines or wrinkles around eyes. However, if you would rather not use eye wrinkle creams to treat wrinkles around eyes, there are natural ways to get rid of crow’s feet.

Home Remedies for Removing Wrinkles around the Eyes

Sunscreen to Get Rid of Crows Feet and Laugh Lines

Minimizing sun exposure will help prevent and reduce laugh lines. Not just for crow’s feet, but for your skin in general, you should always wear sunscreen. Elastin protein fibers combine with collagen to give the skin elasticity. Exposure to UV light breaks down collagen and elastin. You can help prevent and remove crow’s feet by protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays by using a high-SPF sunscreen.

Egg Whites to Get Rid of Crows Feet and Laugh Lines

Egg white face masks are also best in removing crow’s feet and smile lines. Beat 1 egg white until it turns a little frothy. Slightly heat some honey and add it to the egg white and mix well. Apply the mask on your cleansed skin around eyes and leave it for 15 minutes until you feel it dry. Afterward, wash it off with warm water and gently dry your face. This natural remedy will tighten the skin around eyes and reduce the appearance of crows feet or smile lines around your eyes.

Aloe Vera to Get Rid of Wrinkles around Eyes

Aloe gel is one of the best wrinkle treatments because it heals, hydrates, and nourishes the skin and it also reduces wrinkles. Aloe vera gel is very beneficial for the treatment of crow’s feet and laugh lines. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that help to fight free radicals that may cause wrinkles around the eyes. Simply pick a fresh leaf of aloe vera plant, squeeze out the gel and apply generously around the eyes.

Avocado Remedy for Crows Feet and Laugh Lines

Another good natural method to get rid of crow’s feet is to keep the delicate skin around the eyes moisturized. Avocado is a high-fat fruit, which softens and moisturizes the skin. If you want supple youthful looking skin, mash an avocado and mix a few drops of sweet almond oil in it. Rub a bit of this homemade moisturizer on your face, particularly around the eyes. Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash off with warm water and pat dry. Avocado fruit provides high amounts of vitamin E, which penetrates the skin, nourishing and hydrating the tissue and preventing cell degeneration as well as the formation of new wrinkles around the eyes.

Milk to Get Rid of Crows Feet and Laugh Lines

You can apply milk for removing crow’s feet naturally. Milk contains both alpha-hydroxy acid as well as glycolic acid that are great for cleaning out the outer layer of your skin, for stimulating the production of collagen fibers and the self renewal of the dermal tissue. Mix a few drops of lemon juice in some fresh milk and rub it on the smile lines or soak a wash cloth in milk and then simply place it on your eyes to get rid of crow’s feet.

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Papaya Home Remedy to Remove Laugh Lines

Papaya treatment is best for removing laugh lines. Papaya stimulates cell regeneration. It contains the compound papain that is responsible for eliminating skin blemishes and dead skin. For making an anti wrinkle eye mask for treating crow’s feet, simply mash up half a papaya and mix in a tablespoon of dry oatmeal. Work the mixture on your eye skin in circles, massage, and leave for 10 minutes and then remove with cold water.

Lemon Juice Remedy for Removing Wrinkles around Eyes

Applying lemon juice on the wrinkles around the eyes will reduce crow’s feet and laugh lines and makes the dry skin around the eyes moisturized. To remove laugh lines, mix equal quantities of fresh lemon juice with fresh pineapple juice and apply it evenly over the face, especially around eyes. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then wash off with water. This home remedy helps in reducing the smile lines and in keeping the eye skin clear.

Vitamin E for Removing Crows Feet

Using Vitamin E is another homemade eye wrinkle treatment that can effectively reduce the smile lines around eyes. Vitamin E deeply penetrates into your skin and since it has anti oxidant properties, it also helps in preventing new eye wrinkles from appearing. For making an eye mask, mash two peeled green grapes and add 2 capsules of vitamin E. Apply the mask on the wrinkles around the eyes before bedtime. In the morning, rinse off with cold water.

Coconut Oil to Get Rid of Crows Feet and Smile Lines

Coconut oil is one of the best natural skin care ingredient to get rid of crows feet and laugh lines. Massaging the wrinkles around eyes with coconut oil is an excellent way of keeping skin clear of smile lines and crows feet. Rub coconut oil on the wrinkled eye skin each night before going to sleep. This natural eye wrinkle treatment not only helps in reducing the existing laugh lines around your eyes but also helps in making sure that no new eye wrinkles or laugh lines are developed.

Banana Remedy for Crows Feet

Banana home remedies are best for getting rid of laugh lines around eyes. Homemade banana masks help rejuvenate your skin and make crows feet or wrinkles around eyes less noticeable. Mash a fourth of a banana until it becomes very creamy. Spread it on the smile lines around your eyes and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water followed by a dash of cold water.

Egg and Flour Mask for Crows Feet around Eyes

To make this eye wrinkle mask, take 1 egg and a little flour. Mix the flour and beaten egg with a little water until the mixture becomes paste-like. Use a brush to spread the eye cream around the eyes and let it dry for at least 2 hours for best effect.

Cucumber Remedy for Laugh Lines

Regular application of cucumber slice is one of the best natural treatments to get rid of crow’s feet and laugh lines. Prevent smile wrinkles and discoloration around the eyes well before crow’s feet appear by soothing the skin with cucumber. You can also make cucumber eye mask to get rid of laugh lines. Make a paste of cucumber with 2 tablespoons honey, 1/2 cup ground oatmeal and 1/4 cup plain yogurt. Apply it on the deep wrinkles around the eyes. Leave it on for 20 minutes or more and rinse with water and pat dry.

Castor Oil to Get Rid of Crows Feet and Smile Lines

Castor oil’s emollient properties are best at removing laugh lines. Apply a few drops of castor oil and pat onto the skin around the eyes to get rid of crow’s feet and smile lines. You should repeat this anti wrinkle treatment 1 to 2 times weekly after crow’s feet wrinkles have diminished to keep eye wrinkles from redeveloping.

Carrot Mask to Get Rid of Laugh Lines

Use carrot mask to remove laugh lines. Blend a carrot and add 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil and apply it on the wrinkles around your eyes. Rinse off with cold water. Applying the mixed carrot juice with olive oil can also help to get rid of crow’s feet and dark circles around the eyes.

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These are effective homemade remedies that will help you remove crow’s feet and smile wrinkles around eyes naturally. Before opting for any Botox treatment or chemical products to treat laugh lines, consider these essential home remedies for crows feet and laugh lines. These natural methods will help you get rid of crows feet fast without any side effects.

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