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Best Neck Exercises to Tighten up a Turkey Neck: How to Get Rid of Turkey Neck without Surgery

How to Get Rid of a Turkey Neck

Turkey neck" is the excess skin you have at the front of your neck. You can fix your sagging neck and jawline with the help of facial muscle exercises.

Turkey neck is caused by flaccid muscles, loose skin and fat. The main causes of turkey neck are genetics, caloric intakes, and facial muscles that sag over time. As you age, your skin loses elasticity, which is the common cause of loose skin on the neck. A turkey neck or sagging jowls can happen to anyone. By tightening the muscles of the neck, you can fix turkey neck, no matter what is causing it.

A few simple turkey neck exercises done on a daily basis can help tone and tighten the muscles in your neck to get rid of the dreaded turkey neck. As the neck muscles firm up, they will pull the skin tighter across the neck region, helping to reduce the appearance of the turkey neck.

Turkey Neck Exercises - Best Neck Exercises for Removing Turkey Neck

So you want to get rid of turkey neck so that you can look years younger? You dont have to undergo cosmetic surgery for turkey neck. Try these at-home exercises to tighten-up our turkey neck.

Some women suffer with turkey neck, a little hanging pouch of skin that is not very attractive. By focusing on simple neck exercises for a turkey neck  as a botox alternative, you can reduce the sagging neck skin and  diminish  appearance of turkey Neck. Learn to tighten a turkey neck with the following facial exercises and perform these exercises daily to help your neck look and feel toned, leading to a younger-looking you.

Turkey Neck Exercises 1: Get Rid of a Turkey Neck using Tongue Press Exercise

The tongue press tones the muscles in your neck. Sit or stand with your head and back straight. Bend your head backward as far as possible. Press the surface of your tongue against the ceiling of the mouth. You should feel the muscles in the front of your neck tighten. Slowly and deliberately lower your head toward your chest while pressing the tongue against the ceiling of your mouth. Perform this neck tightening exercise 10 times.

Turkey Neck Exercises 2: Tongue Pressure to Get Rid of Turkey Neck

Sit or stand comfortably with your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Point your chin toward the ceiling with your mouth closed and face relaxed. Press your tongue firmly into the roof of your mouth, flexing your neck muscles just beneath your jaw. Keep the pressure from your tongue on the roof of your mouth as you pull your chin down toward your chest. Relax and repeat the turkey neck lift exercise 10 times.

Turkey Neck Exercises 3: Get Rid of Turkey Neck using Front and Back Neck Tilt

Neck tilt exercises prevent the jowling of the lower jaw that often accompanies turkey neck. Begin by standing with your head facing forward and your feet shoulder-width apart. Tilt your head up slowly so that you are looking at the ceiling while pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Hold for a count of two, then return to the starting position. Then, tilt your head forward and press your chin into your chest. Hold the position for 15 to 30 seconds, then slowly lift your head until you resume the starting position. Do not move the shoulders during this neck tightening exercise. Complete five to 10 repetitions, three times per day.

Turkey Neck Exercises 4: Tongue Circles for Getting Rid of a Turkey Neck

Stand or sit relaxed and do circles with the tongue with your mouth closed. Circle your tongue inside your mouth to the right or left 20 times. Relax and circle your tongue in the opposite direction 20 times. This turkey neck exercise help in removing turkey neck effectively.

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