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How To Get Rid of Dry Skin - Best Home Remedies to Heal Dry Skin on Face, Nose, Mouth, Hands and Legs Naturally

How To Get Rid of Dry Skin

Having dry and itchy skin is a really a pain, and it is especially bad in the winter. It can even get painful at times and scratching the itch will only may it worse. There are some great skin creams that you can use for to treat dry skin, but if you really don’t have the money to spend on these creams currently, there are also easy ways to soothe your dry skin on face, hands, and legs with home remedies as well. First, you want to remove the roughness of your skin. Rough and flaky dry skin can not only be itchy and painful, but it can also be humiliating. There are natural solutions for dry skin problem though, and there are many foods and other products that you can find lying around your house which you can use on how to get rid of dry skin naturally.

Best Home Remedies for Dry Skin

1. Most importantly, you need to drink a lot of water to reduce dry skin. When your body is not hydrated generally, there is no way that your skin will be hydrated either. It is recommended that every should be drinking eight to ten glasses of water each day, but really, you can never really drink too much water, especially if you already have dry skin issues.

2. To get rid of dry skin, have a warm glass of milk mixed with a teaspoon of almond oil. Drink this before sleep and you should see a positive change in your dry skin soon enough. This is one of the best home remedies for dry cracked skin.

3. If you do not have money for expensive lotions and creams to treat your dry skin, you can always use baby lotion. It is cheap, but also very effective. Baby lotion is a great moisturizer and it is for babies, so you know that it does not contain any chemicals or added ingredients that might damage your skin, especially if you already have very sensitive skin.

4. Likewise, you should probably stick to baby shampoo and baby soap if you have very sensitive skin. Keep the skin safe and moisturize it, that is important. Before you take a bath or shower, put some honey on your skin and leave it for five or ten minutes, as long as you can take it, because it can be a little sticky and annoying.

6. Honey is another effective home remedy for dry itchy skin on face and body. Honey is one of the best natural moisturizers, but it is also important that it is raw honey that you are using, not the processed kind you find in stores that isn't very natural at all and has many additives.

7. Another inexpensive alternative to creams and lotions is sesame oil. Rub the oil on your face and body after taking a shower and that should help keep your skin moisturized for a good portion of the day. This is one of the best home remedies for dry sensitive skin on face.

8. Coconut and avocado oil are also very good for treating dry skin. You can also make a paste out of avocado and apply it to your dry skin on face, neck, hands, and legs for a good moisturizing treatment. This is an excellent natural remedy for dry skin.

9. Glycerin also works very well on dry skin around nose, around mouth, and and dry lips. Prepare glycerin face packs and masks for dry skin. An effective home remedy for dry skin is to mix glycerin, lemon juice and rose water in equal proportions, and apply on your face. Leave it on overnight and wash your face thoroughly in the morning.

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