How to Get Rid of Peeling Skin on Fingertips: Best Home Remedies to Stop Flaky Skin Peeling on Fingers and Hands

Peeling Skin on Fingers

Peeling skin around the fingertips is a very common problem. The outer layer of the skin, epidermis, peels off roughly every 28 days, as part of a natural cycle and is replaced by a new layer. However, sometimes the rate at which skin cells are lost exceeds the rate at which new skin cells are regenerated. This problem commonly affects the fingers, as they experience a very great degree of pressure and friction in the course of our everyday activities. This makes the peeling of the skin painful around this region.

Mostly, nutritional deficiencies in the diet are responsible for this peeling skin condition. Lack of hydration, sunburn, exposure to harsh chemicals, excessive perspiration and changes in the external environment may also cause peeling skin on hands and fingers. Less frequently, peeling skin on fingers may be caused by more serious ailments like Kawasaki disease, exfoliative dermatitis, psoriasis and the Peeling Skin Syndrome.

Get Rid of Skin Peeling: Home Remedies for Peeling Skin on Fingertips

Peeling fingertips is usually a temporary problem and will heal in a few days. Here are a few peeling skin home remedies that you may find useful in solving skin peeling on fingers problem.

1. Cucumber is best for getting rid of flaky skin. Grate a fresh cucumber and apply its juice or the pulp on your peeling skin on fingers. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes and then wash your hands with cold water. This not only moisturizes the dry skin peeling between fingers but also soothes cracking, flaky and itchy skin, thereby leaving your fingers soft and smooth.

2. Similarly, the topical application of the juice of a handful of fresh mint leaves is known to be very effective in treating skin peeling on fingers. Mash fresh mint leaves in a bowl, extracting juice from them and then apply it gently only the affected area of the skin to get rid of finger skin peeling.

3. The healing and medical properties of honey cure peeling skin. Apply honey on the scaly peeling skin on hands and fingers and massage for 5 minutes to reduce skin peeling. Another remedy for skin peeling on hands and fingers is to mix two tablespoons of milk and one tablespoon of honey and pat this on the peeling skin fingers and hands massage gently. This is an excellent natural remedy for treating peeling skin. Honey can also help to reduce skin irritation and itchiness caused by dry and scaly peeling skin.

4. For another remedy for skin peeling on hands and fingers, mix equal portions of turmeric and sandalwood powder with a little honey and add few drops of olive oil to it, smear this paste on your peeling skin on hands and fingers. Let the mixture dry naturally and then wipe it off with a ball of cotton wool soaked in water. This brings relief from itching and burning caused by finger skin peeling, as well as prevents microbial infections from occurring in the cracks of the skin.

5. Apply a mixture of the pulp of a ripe banana or avocado, some sour cream, a pinch of powdered sugar and a tablespoon of olive oil to get rid of peeling skin. An efficient natural treatment to get rid of dry peeling skin on fingers.

6. Also try this remedy for skin peeling on hands and fingers. Mix 1 egg with a teaspoon of honey along with ½ teaspoon of olive oil, and some rose water. Prepare a fine paste and apply it on the affected area to avoid peeling skin.

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