How to Remove Skin Tags: Home Remedies to Get Rid of Skin Tags

How to Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags are very common small, soft skin growths that protrude from the skin in either a flat, flushed shape or like a raised stalk on the skin called a peduncle. These are caused when the skin is rubbed against the skin. Skin tags can vary in size from a few millimeters up to 5cm wide. Skin tags tend to occur on the eyelids, neck, armpits, under the breasts and groins. Skin tags are not at all hazardous to health. In fact, it is the only the discomfort of their appearance that makes people want to remove skin tags. If you have a skin tag, there are lots of different options to having them removed.

There are simple and effective natural remedies available for you to use at home for skin tag removal. Instead of rushing to the doctor, skin tags can be easily removed at home by trying out some simple skin tag removal remedies.

Having skin tags on your face, eyelid, or under the eye can be annoying. Do you have painful, itchy large skin tags under your armpits that make it impossible for you to shave or wear sleeveless clothing? You need a safe and painless treatment for skin tags in armpit. There are two main ways to get rid of skin tags under armpits: you can cut them off or apply a topical ointment to dry up that big skin tag.

Skin Tag Removal Home Remedies to Get Rid of Skin Tag

If you want to know how to remove your skin tags yourself instead of having a doctor remove them for you, getting started is easy. There are a number of home remedies for removing skin tags. To get rid of these skin tags, follow these simple home remedies.

How To Remove A Skin Tag With Dental Floss
Using dental floss is an aged old method to remove skin tags and moles. Treat skin tags by tying them off with dental floss. Also called ligation, this kills the skin tag by temporarily blocking off blood flow to the area. In order to remove skin tags in armpit or any other place with dental floss, take a piece of dental floss and tie around skin tag and pull on it, little by little each day. The knot you make should be tight. You will observe that the skin tag will become smaller in a few days and within a period of 2-3 weeks it will eventually disappear.

Before using this skin tag removal remedy, make sure to clean the area thoroughly with soap and water and then, take a rubbing alcohol-soaked cotton ball and apply to tag and surrounding area. This will help to kill any germs or bacteria before slicing off the skin tag. This method can also used for mole removal.

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Removing Skin Tags With Nail Clippers 
There are different way to remove skin tags, depending on your demands. Nail clippers is one of them. Cut a skin tag off with toe nail clippers or nail scissors. This is the quickest way to remove the tags at home. Make sure your scissors or nail clippers are disinfected with some rubbing alcohol. Numb the skin tag with ice and snipped it off with sterilized nail clippers. However, it is recommended to use nail polish instead of clippers on sensitive areas.

Tea Tree Oil For Skin Tags
Tea tree oil is one of the best essential oils for skin tag removal at home. The use of tea tree oil for skin tags has long been used as a safe and natural way to remove skin tags and moles. Wash your skin with soap first and apply lukewarm water. Dry it off and then apply 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil directly on the affected area. The process is both painless and gentle on the skin and the regular application will help to skin tag to fall off fast naturally. Tea tree oil works very well for removing skin tags as well as moles.

Skin Tag Removal With Duct Tape
Duct tape is the best home remedy for easy and pain-free removal of skin tag. Wash and dry your skin completely, then cover the clean, dry skin tag and the area around it with a piece of duct tape. In order to remove a skin tag with duct tape you simply will want to cut out about a 1″ square of duct tape. Stick it to the skin tag for a continuous period of 10-12 days until the skin tag is completely removed. This is an effective home remedy to get rid of skin tags.

Skin Tags Removal With Nail Polish
Nail polish can be an effective treatment on how to remove skin tags. Nail polish cuts off the supply of moisture to the skin tags, causing the skin to dry out and fall off. To fade off the skin tags take the fresh nail polish and apply it over the tag or cover the tag with nail polish and leave it overnight. Remove the polish from the skin tag the following morning. Repeat the procedure using fresh paint two to three times every day and eventually the tag will fade of in just a few days.

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