Juvederm Dermal Filler for a Facelift Without Surgery

Juvederm Filler Injections

Juvederm is one of the most popular dermal fillers on the market right now. Dermal fillers are used for facial aesthetic treatments and are injected into the skin. Dermal fillers will volumize creases and folds in the face in areas that have lost fat and collagen as we age. Dermal filler can be a great boost to your skin's beauty and your overall confidence. If you are looking for a facelift without surgery then you might consider the Juvederm filler injections.

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Juvederm for a Facelift Without Surgery

A dermal filler – such as Juvederm – is an injectible substance that can be used to treat and improve on a variety of facial imperfections. Wrinkles, acne scars and lip enlargements are just a few of the many purposes that Juvederm can serve. Almost anyone can benefit from something that Juvederm dermal filler has to offer. It has been said to look more natural and last longer than collagen and Botox. With the exception of rare side effects, Juvederm is generally safe when injected by a professional. Unlike collagen, no allergy tests are needed for this non surgical face lift option. Juvederm filler treatments will enhance your appearance immediately without any down time.

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Similar to the collagen injections, some people are happier with the results of the Juvederm dermal fillers. Don’t worry about a surgical procedure that could cost thousands, the Juvederm filler injections are more comfortable and have the same results.

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Juvederm is like a natural face lift without surgery using a gel implant including a hyaluronic acid that bolsters the skins elasticity making it smoother and suppler. This is because wrinkles occur when the body’s natural hyaluronic acid depletes.

There are three different types of Juvederm injections that give you the facelift without surgery treatment. The different treatments include the Juvederm 18, Juvederm 24, and the Juvederm 30. The Juvederm 18 is a liquid gel that targets the upper dermis in the skin. The primary target with this injection is fine lines like crow’s feet around the eyes. The Juvederm 24 is slightly denser than the Juvederm 18 and it is in the form of a gel. This gel is injected into the skin targeting the mid-dermis that is deeper than the upper dermis. This treatment targets lines across the forehead and frown lines.
Juvederm injection for facelift without surgery

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If you need filler for deep wrinkles and grooves in your skin, then the Juvederm 30 is the best option for you because is it a gel that is even more dense than the Juvederm 24. The treatment this gel targets on is the deep dermis in the skin. Many people use this treatment for folds in the cheeks, enhancing their lips, and reshaping their cheeks and chin.

The Juvederm filler treatments have an advantage over collagen injections as a facelift without surgery because they last longer. The Juvederm treatments can be expected to have results lasting from six to nine months before someone needs to come back in for another treatment. Patients can benefit from smoother and younger looking skin for longer periods.

Injectable dermal fillers can plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and improve the appearance of recessed scars. An excellent facelift without surgery option is by receiving Juvederm injections.
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